Directional Drilling - Pilot Bit Selection Chart

Example Part Number
Flat Pilot Bits
Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6&7 8&9
Part # D V 6 B 7 44 ST

Part Description:
Directional Pilot Bit, Vermeer, 3/4 thick, bent,
7 hole, 4-1/2 wide, step type carbide bit

Style of Bit Rig Manufacturer Thickness of Bit Straight or Bent
D Directional V Vermeer
D Ditch Witch
C Case
O Other

5 5/8
6 6/8 (3/4)
8 8/8 (1)

S Straight
B Bent

Hole Pattern (# of Holes) Width of Cut Type of Bit


40 4"
44 4-1/2 (4-4/8)
50 5

SS Steel Bit
SH Square Hardfaced Bit
TH Triangle Hardfaced Bit
RH Radius Hardfaced Bit
CF Carbide Finger Bit
ST Step Type Carbide Bit
CT Chevron Type Carbide Bit
TT Tracker Type Carbide Bit
SC Serrated Carbide Bit
CB Conical Carbide Bit
AT All Terrain Carbide Bit
XTHD  Extreme Taper HD
XTC Extreme Taper Conical

Roller Cone Bits
Available in a sealed bearing or journal bearing bit. Sealed bearing bit requires periodic additions of
grease while journal bearing automatically
compensates for this.
Available with jets and no center hole.
We recommend medium formation carbide bit
To order please contact factory.

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