Four Series with Two Types of Interchangeable Blades for Efficient Drilling in a Wide Range of Formations

17/8" (47.6mm) THROUGH 24" (609.6mm)

Blue Demon replaceable blade bits are effective and efficient all-purpose, blade-type bits for shot hole, exploration, slim hole, blast hole, and water well drilling.

The four bit bodies, providing a complete range of sizes from 17/8" (47.6mm)through 16" (406.4mm), use low cost expendable blades which are designed to be completely worn out and thrown away.

Available in Series MP-200, DB-400, AC-600, and SH-800 sizes, these bit bodies become a permanent part of the drilling equipment and are used with many sets of long-lasting replaceable bit blades.

Replacement blades are changeable in any fractional size within the range of each bit body (normally 1/8 inch).

A complete assembly consists of tool joint connector, optional reaming stabilizer, locking bowl, bit shank, and a set of replaceable bit blades.

All Blue Demon bit parts in the same series are interchangeable, allowing any part to be replaced as it becomes worn. Each assembled bit may be used with or without reamers (reaming stabilizers cannot be used when using connectors having breakout lugs), as dictated by drilling conditions.

All Blue Demon bits are designed for use with air, water, or mud.

Connectors are available, threaded with box or pin connection, to fit directly on any common drill rod used with portable drilling equipment. Used in conjunction with shank and locking bowl to complete assembly.

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