Directional Drilling - Pilot Bits

Chevron Carbide Bit

Designed for tougher drilling conditions in medium hard formations such as caliche and shale

Carbide Impregnated Finger Bit

Carbide hardfaced fingers heat treated for long life and faster penetration in clay, sand and soil. Fingers peel clay where conventional cutters
ball up

Step Type Carbide Bit

Excellent bit for toughness and abrasion resistance in soft formations such as dirt, gravel and shale

Tracker Bit

Newest pilot bit where carbides track each other on opposite sides for maximum penetration and faster cuttings removal in soft and medium formations

**patent pending

Serrated Carbide Bit

Bit is well suited to clay, sand, soils
and soft rock formations

All Terrain Bit

Excellent for clay, sand, soils and
soft as well as some medium rock formations

Steep Taper HD

This bit is good in hard soils, soft rock and some medium
rock formations. It is designed for better penetration.

Steel Carbide pilot bit

Steep Taper Conical

This bit is the same as Steep Taper HD except it uses conical carbides instead of serrated carbide.

Heavy Duty (HD) &
Conical Heavy Duty (CHD)

“HD” bits utilize flat carbide along the side walls of the pilot bit instead of hard facing to reduce wear.
“CHD” bits utilize flat and conical carbides to reduce wear and enhance cutting action.


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