Blue Demon 

Replaceable blades and rotary drag bits for water well, quarry, seismic, shallow oil and gas, and construction applications, auger bits for vertical and horizontal drilling, and directional pilot bits and reamers for horizontal boring.







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Replaceable Blades and Rotary Drag Bits
General Information-Replaceable Blade Bits
Bit Blades - Rock cutters and Carbide Insert Bits
Blue Demon Series MP-200
Blue Demon Series DB-400
Blue Demon Series AC-600
Blue Demon Series SH-800
Blue Demon Digging Reamers
Blue Demon Heavy-Duty 4-Blade Insert Bit
Drill Rod Thread Information 1
    Tool Joints Flush
     Joint Tapered Thread Drill
Rod Thread Information 2 
    Flush Joint Straight Thread 
    Line Pipe
Blue Demon Unitized Insert Bit
Blue Demon Economy Line Drag Bits
Auger Bits
Blue Demon Auger Bits
Blue Demon BD Drill Head
Blue Demon BDA Drill Head
Blue Demon BDC Drill Head
BD-2 Carbide Bit (and order information for BD, BDA and BDC drillheads)
Directional Bits
Directional Pilot Bits
Selection For Directional Bits
Carbide Backreamer Tools

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