Blue Demon Auger Bits

BD-1 SCRAPER BIT can be used in a variety of auger applications. The BD-1 is 17/8" wide.


BD-3 has a 5/8" carbide and is designed to fit most common auger heads.


BD-2 has a tapered shank that drive fits into the drill head without wedges or set screws. It can't wobble or work loose.  BD-2 bits are easily replaced with hammer and punch.
Blue Demon also produces two prong carbide auger bits that can be used as pilot bits or drilling tools in both vertical and horizontal drilling applications. We manufacture a 2”, 2 1/8”, 2 ¼”, and a 2 ½” with a 13/16” hex connection and a 3”, 3 1/8”, and 3 3/16” with a 1 1/8” hex connection.


auger pilot bit


Pilot cutting tools available in 1-8 UNC thread and 1 1/4 -5 stub acme thread


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