The Blue Demon replaceable 4-blade bit has been engineered for tough duty and performance.

This 4-blade Blue Demon has thicker, heavier forged steel blades with longer reamer inserts of high quality tungsten carbide which will insure full gage hole and reduce torque. The patented Blue Demon Deflector minimizes bit plugging.

The replaceable 4-blade bit is available in 4" (108mm), 4" (114.3mm) and 4" (120.6mm) sizes for use in series AC-600 assemblies which consist of the following parts:

  1. AC-600 connector with box of pin threads to adapt to drill pipe and with or without breakout lugs.
  2. AC-600 4-blade bit shank - Blue Demon Part No. H064.
  3. AC-600 special heavy duty locking bowl, Blue Demon Part No. H164. This special locking bowl cannot be used with other type AC-600 series Blue Demon replaceable blades.
Blade Size Approximate Wt. - Box of 12 Sets.
in mm lbs. Kg.
4 108 90 41
4 114.3 92 42
4 120.6 94 43

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