The digging reamer, interchangeable with reaming stabilizer on standard Blue Demon bit bodies, serves as a two-step type of water well bit.

The digging reamer consists of finger type reaming blades welded to a sleeve type body, which is locked into the bit assembly between the threaded connector and locking bowl, and is friction held when the bit shank is tightened into the threaded connector. A heavy facing of tungsten carbide particles is applied to the cutting and reaming edges.

Water well drillers, using Type AC bit and 23/8" (60.3mm) OD drill rods on light weight equipment, ordinarily drilling water wells using 2" to 4" (50.8-101.6mm) casing, occasionally use the Type AC digging reamer. When the driller wishes to drill a larger hole for 6" (152.4mm) casing, ordinarily requiring Type SH bit, the driller can use an 8" (222.2mm) digging reamer on the regular Type AC assembly with 4" to 6" (120.6-152.4mm) blades, which serve as a pilot bit for the digging reamer. Similarly, water well drillers regularly using the Type SH bit can use the Type SH digging reamers as shown in the parts list, in sizes to 26" (660.4mm).

Standard Duty Digging Reamers
Series Part No Size
AC-600 H362 6" to 8" (171.4-22.2mm)
SH-800 H382 10" to 15" (254-381mm)
Standard duty digging reamers are used with regular connectors without breakout lugs.
Heavy Duty Digging Reamers
Series Part No Size
SH-800 H383 13" to 26" (330.2-660.4mm)
22" (558.8mm) extra long connectors are required for use with Heavy Duty Digging Reamers.
  • Part No. H2842203, with 3" API pin connection
  • Part No. H2842204, with 4" API pin connection

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