Blue Demon Bit Blades

Each type of Blue Demon bit blade has the ability to efficiently cut all the formations in the range for which it is recommended, as well as all softer formations. Your selection of the proper type of  blade, discussed below, depends upon the degree of hardness of formations encountered in a particular drilling application.

Rock Cutter Blade

Rock Cutter Blades are low-cost, replaceable blades for soft formations and are forged of tough alloy steel. They are hardfaced on the cutting surfaces with tungsten carbide particles of maximum hardness made to Blue Demon specifications. These heat-treated blades are highly efficient in abrasive formations because of their self-sharpening characteristics. This permits maximum drilling speed until the blade fingers are completely worn away, without loss of gage. The fingers are designed to chip and peel out the formation for fast penetration and speedy cuttings removal.

3-Blade Type
Premium Insert Blades

Special high quality tungsten carbide inserts are used on the cutting surfaces of these tough, forged alloy steel blades. These carbide inserts are manufactured under rigid Blue Demon specifications for the maximum in toughness and abrasion resistance. The inserts are bonded to the blades by a special brazing process. A unique grinding procedure produces a superior cutting edge for fast drilling. These Premium Insert Blades are designed for fast drilling in medium hard formations and are equally efficient in softer formations.

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